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Foreign rights

By Adam Roberts | March 4, 2005
Categories: Book News

I've just got news that rights to Salt and On have been sold to Israel; Hebrew translations of those novels should be appearing soon. This makes me think I should report on some of the other non-Anglophone editions of my books that have appeared or might be appearing soon. My parodies have been the biggest successes in this respect, including a German version of The Soddit, Der Kleine Hobbnix, which seems to divide German readerly opinion between '[5 stars] Eine Spitzen-Parodie!!!' and '[Far fewer stars] Krass, ey'. So there you are.

Lo SghorbitThere's also an Italian Soddit, Lo Sghorbit, with an enormous semi-naked woman on the cover who is not in the book, but was evidently in the imagination of the Italian illustrator. The titular Soddit has arms longer than a gibbon's, too, which is at least a fresh interpretation.

McAtrix Recesed There's also this swanky-cover-art'd Czech translation of The McAtrix Derided, McAtrix Recesed. There are also Swedish and Spanish editions of The Soddit to follow, as well as Bulgarian McAtrix, and German, French and Spanish translations of parodies that have not yet been published in English (parodies of Star Wars and The Da Vinci Code, as it happens).

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