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What’s next in this sequence: Tolstoi, Dostoieskvi, early Nabokov and …?

By Adam Roberts | November 1, 2005
Categories: Book News

Perhaps not Adam Pobeptc though. But even so, how cool is this cover? This gives you both Salt and On in one supergreen omnibus edition, available to all Russian speakers from all good Russian shops.

As I tell my creative-writing first-years (nice bunch, by the way): Nabokov is verily as a god to me. (That'd be god purely in the creative-writing sense of the word, of course; I havn't abandoned my rationalist and materialist mindset just yet). When I'm big, and I have time, I shall learn Russian. Til then I shall derive some small satisfaction from the knowledge that my first two novels now exist in that glorious language. At the moment the only snibbet of Russian I know is from one of Nabokov's novels (ironically, one of the ones he wrote in English): repeat the three English words yellow, blue and tibia one after the other, such that you kinda roll the words together, then you'll find yourself saying 'I love you' in Russian. There's your interesting fact for the day.

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