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Of the Kong

By Adam Roberts | November 30, 2005
Categories: Book News

Today my contributor's copy of the excellent BenBella 'Smartpop' collection King Kong Is Back popped onto my hallway mat. Which is timely.

Lots and lots of goodies in here, amongst them my essay -- called 'Why Does My Daughter Love King Kong So Much?' It answers the question in its title, thereby throwing a fascinating and illuminating light upon the treasured memory of this classic film. Which is probably as much as you can hope for.

In fact my essay it is an already-dated text, rather like Gray's best book by far (a novel with 1982 in the title which was not published until 1984). So too my article, which makes reference to 'my three year old daughter' even though she was four before the book emerged. Of course I'm wary of turning myself into a Dad-bore (or is it too late?). In my defence, I can say that no less an authority than the editor himself describes the essay as 'offering a genuine "Aha!" moment', which I assume is a good thing; and the Booklist review and this review as well at least mention me by name, and nicely too. Very good.

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