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A whistlestop tour of some new publications and a something else

By Adam Roberts | February 1, 2006
Categories: Book News

The big publication news inside casa Roberts, or indeed cranium Robersti, is still the Critical History of SF (see below). No feedback as yet. Will there be any? Who can tell. But my sinews are tensed now and the mental faculties sharpened in anticipation of the publication of this big novel, which (if there be any justice) will change not only the world of literature, but the world itself, and provide inventive mankind with a cheap and accessible road to the colonisation of space. Or not. We'll have to wait (until March 16th) and see.

But there is some other news of a publication nature to report. I’ll whistle through them, and then stop.

Here’s Futureshocks, nestled within which is a story of mine called ‘Man, You Gotta Go’, in which (amongst other things) I have a stab at inventing a wholly new way of travelling faster than the speed of light. Although, given the clogged nature of the SF backlist, the chances are it’s not new at all, and has been anticipated by a bunch of previous SF writers (of whom I am lamentably ignorant). Lou Anders’ excellence as an editor is praised by the many reviews the volume has had. My story, of which I’m fairly proud, is by no means the best thing in this excellent, excellent collection. Mahesh Raj Mohan has the most detailed and thoughtful review of the whole book here. Of my contribution he says it’s “actually a brilliant story, highlighted by Roberts's ingenious ‘solution’ to the FTL problem. The story, however, has a coldness to its center…” Which puts me in a thoughtful frame of mind with regard to my own writing.

Less cold, hopefully, is my enthusiastic defence of Star Wars; another Benbella essay, and one in which I try to stress the joyous qualities of the whole. I don't know whether this cover, which apparently has a robot about to flush George Lucas down an enormous Space Toilet, gives any clues as to which way the balance of judgments contained in the volume go.

There are plenty of good essays in here, on both sides of the Star Wars divide.  You know the divide about which I talk.

Then there’s this. Little needs to be said here, I feel.

It's Russian.

That's a leather greatcoat he's wearing, not a kilt.

That's all.

Or here.

We've seen this title before.

And in other news: there’s been activity in the blogosphere (But how is it a sphere? Could we not call it Blogoskein? Blogoshell?). The excellent e-space The Valve has been hosting me as a guest author for a few weeks, something that will continue for a few weeks more. I exhort and urge you to check it out.And the headless Scott Eric Kaufmann has been running a series of really fascinating posts over at his site discussing the merits and demerits of my novel Stone. I’ve learned a lot. I refer the honourable reader to the urging and exhorting I undertook a few moments ago.

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