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Two small notes

By Adam Roberts | February 17, 2006
Categories: Book News

A couple more publications to note, after the manner of the small publications that are nevertheless worthy of note. One is this collection of original essays that essay the task of Reading The Lord of the Rings, edited by my colleague and friend Robert Eaglestone. My essay, ‘The One Ring’, asks and answers the question: why did Tolkien choose what amounts to a wedding band as the symbol for ultimate evil in his imaginary world? Given his own happy marriage, and his conservative Catholic views on the sanctity and importance of married life, this might be thought an odd thing to do. What’s the answer? Buy the book, and you’ll find out not only that, but many other things as well. Interesting things. Good things.

The second thing is this, second edition of my Routledge ‘New Critical Idiom’ book on Science Fiction. This revises and corrects the many (lamentably far too many) errors of the first edition. Chapter II, ‘The History of Science Fiction’, has been pretty much wholly rewritten, to take account of the fact that my views changed after researching and writing this much longer volume. There’s a wholly new Chapter VI, on metaphor and SF. There are many many amendments, new bits and pieces; it’s practically a whole new book. And they’ve added a little circle that says ‘2nd edition’ to the cover. And they’ve changed the strip illustration at the bottom to the handsome purplish design you can see. The little bobbly dots on the black part of the cover, however, are the fault of my scanner, not of the original Routledge designer.

That’s enough book news for today. The next update will follow in a few days more, when I receive the first advance copy of Gradisil, whereupon I promise to comment my thoughts upon this large new novel of mine.

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