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By Adam Roberts | June 6, 2006
Categories: Book News

If you wait long enough, you see, you will discover more about what's been happening. Here is a goulash of news-related stuff.

The most exciting thing is that Lou Anders and Pyr have bought the American rights to Gradisil. It should be appearing some time next year. This is my first American sale for a novel, and I'm very thrilled: partly because Pyr are such a fantastic press and partly because Lou is such a wonderful individual. So, you see, this is more than good news; this is Astounding good news.

Astoundingly good.

And in other news ... I recently finished a new parody for Gollancz, to be published soon. This one is called Dr Whom, or E.T. Shoots And Leaves. You can see what we’re going for with that one.

But other writing has also been going on. Specifically I’ve taken two consecutive short-stories of mine, ‘Swiftly’ and ‘Eleanor’, and started adding quantities of new material to flesh them out into a fully blossoming cod-Victorian novel, a work that is growing and expanding beneath my pliant fingers to become an expansive period-precise meditation on the nature of storytelling itself. My ultimate aim is to have a trefoil: Swiftly: Stories, Swiftly: a Novel and Swiftly: a Poem, that last one being a full-throated Browningite piece that I can’t imagine anybody will much want to read. But the novel is coming along nicely, I think, and should be finished this summer. Then we’ll see.

And there's some other news: my name has been added to the author list on the estimable Valve. Go there. Look at the list of contributors on the left hand side. See?

Cause for some nineteenth-century riding around and shooting-off of pistols to celebrate:

Bang! goes Dick

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