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30th June 2006. Birthday.

By Adam Roberts | June 30, 2006
Categories: Book News

So, yes, forty-one. There you go. Is there news?

Yes, there is news. Gradisil continues to be reviewed, sometimes very flatteringly, as is the case on Emerald City. Gosh, EmCit has never before been so nice to me. Iím not quite sure what to say. Lou Anders picks up on the review too, and bigs-up Justina Robsonís new one too. Justina and I are Arvon-ing from August 28th to September 2nd.

Writing. Still writing. I revised and, to be honest, quite thoroughly rewrote a novel I was previously calling A Splinter of the World, adding ten thousand words or so and provisionally retitling it Hector in the process, for Nightshade Books, hopefully for publication in 2007. Land of the Headless is still with my editor, Simon Spanton, at Orionbooks. A new novel, A Solid Gold Penny, is almost complete in first-draft form.

And Iím still writing for the Valve: on Hamburger, Seneca, prosody, Star Wars, music and religion, things like that. Go and see.

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