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By Adam Roberts | October 3, 2006
Categories: Lit Crit

The Valve, where I am one of the authors, continues to publish excellent stuff, not least a presently-on-going symposium about the latest book by the excellent Walter Benn Michaels. Which really should grab your attention. Now, having read thoroughly through the 'WBM' event, and if you have the time, and inclination, to delve deeper into the archives of this ‘Literary Organ’ you’ll find essays by me on such diverse subjects as:Piers Plowman; The Count of Monte Cristo; Craig Thomas, the Firefox fellow; The Primum Mobile; Beowulf (I’m fond of that one, by the way; though it elicted some rather severe comments from experts in the Beowulf field); AC/DC and Derrida; Gay sexuality

Is that enough to be getting on with? I’d say so.

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