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By Adam Roberts | October 4, 2006
Categories: Book News

And here you go.

A new parody. Doctor Whom, or E.T. Shoots and Leaves, about a grammatically correct time lord. Hes trying to keep the grammar of time in order, so that trifling things like cause and effect are not wholly undermined. Thats not a dalek on the cover, by the way. Its something else. Something that does not in any way breach BBC copyright.

The book is in part a parody of Dr Who, of course (not an easy call, given that Dr Who is already, in itself, a kind of parody); but also a parody of a certain popular grammar book, the author of which has not proved happy to be parodied by myself or anybody else.

A story in Pete Crowthers latest collection, Forbidden Planets. My tale is called Me:topia and starts with a spaceship crashing onto an unknown and (as you might guess from the title of the collection) forbidden world. The writing's a little fancy, but as author I try to keep a weather-eye on maintaining the appropriate quota of explosions, chase, exploration and general sfnal excitements and brouhaha. [2007 update: Pete's Collection made the Locus Recommended List for 2006; and my story made the list too, under 'novelettes'. Which was nice.]

With todays post arrived Paul Kincaid and Andrew M. Butlers collection of critical essays on The Arthur C Clarke Award : one essay per Clarke Award winner, over the last 18 years. Ive an essay in here on the stonking Fairyland by the estimable Paul McAuley which won the award in 1996 (Such a brilliant novel; such a gifted writer). But my essay on the novel is the least of many excellent reasons to buy this collection; quite apart from the range and insights of the other contributors, all profits go to the Serendip Foundation, which will help keep the Award alive. Buy the book, or go to the Foundations website and make a donation. I command you!

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