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And so 2006 nears its end

By Adam Roberts | December 4, 2006
Categories: Book News

SternennebbelI'm really quite excited by this; the excellent German press Heyne have published translated-into-German versions of several of my parodies; but this is the first of my 'proper novels' to receive this illustrious metamorphosis: Salt from 2000. And what a beautiful cover! One of the handsomest I've seen. So I urge and exhort you to go to, see it in situ and (who knows?) and buy a copy.Lovely, lovely. Also green.

Other news, I've been revising Land of the Headless, and putting the finishing touches to Swiftly, this latter, by the way, one of the best things I've done. One other thing for now, and more substantial writing/publishing updates in a fortnight. I've started blogging. As you know, I've been part of the group blog at The Valve for a while now. But I've finally pushed the boat out and started a blog of my own. Actually, I've started three blogs. One, with a proggy sort of name, is updated daily and is the repository of my more pretentious, or profound, apothegmatic observations. A second, named for the diddly and punky twist of my mind, is for fiction and pictures. A third, named for a character from Round the Horne, is a diary-style blog. These three have been up for a month or so now, and I shall continue them into the indefinite future.

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