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A few roundabout-Christmas things to report

By Adam Roberts | December 28, 2006
Categories: Book News, Short Fiction

The excellent new British SF press Solaris have issued a press release about my forthcoming new novel, Splinter.

Itís not out just yet, and won't be until September 2007, but I'm pretty thoroughly excited by this, I must say. No cover art as yet, but I'll post it up here as soon as I get a look at it.

glorifying_terrorism_uk.jpgOne piece of cover art that has come through is for Farah Mendlesohnís forthcoming collection of stories designed to bait the illiberal and ill-advised governmental legislation making Glorifying Terrorism an offence. Into prison, then, with people celebrating George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or Boudica; starting with Alan Moore for V for Vendetta.

I got a chance to read the stories for this collection when I was sent the pdf of the whole thing in order to proof-read my contribution; and I can say that my piece is the least amongst a number of very strong reasons to buy this book when it comes out, amongst them pieces by: Ken Macleod; Gwyneth Jones; Hal Duncan; Charles Stross and Suzette Haden Elgin. You really need to get hold of this anthology, believe me. Start placing advance orders now. I command you.

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