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Catch-up 1

By Adam Roberts | May 26, 2007
Categories: Book News

After so long a period of desuetude I suppose I ought to provide a couple of catch-up posts.  Let you know what's new, and what's been happening so far in 2007.  And today the catch-up concerns Gradisil.

Following its 2006 UK publication Gradi was picked up by the top-drawer US press Pyr, and published over there with the following superb cover art:

Pyr's US cover for Gradisil

It's an image you'll find elsewhere on this site, but it's so lovely I can't stop myself reproducing it here on the front page.  Pyr's page for the book has various reviews and other info.  And do you know what?  There's also a Pyr blog.  And editor Lou Anders, a man whose taste is as close to impeccable as the sublunary world of sf allows, has a blog of his own.  [The Antithetical stillsmallvoice says: "Lou is a man whose taste is as close to impeccable as any in the world of sf, is he?  You say that only because he had the good taste to buy one of your novels."  To which I reply: "on the contrary; there are many novels by me he has not bought.  But he has bought a series of genuinely brilliant UK sf titles, all of which are worth your attention.  So ner-ner-n'ner-ner, Antithetical stillsmallvoice, put that in your pipe and smoke it."  We have a love-hate thing going on, my Antithetical stillsmallvoice and I.]

The other piece of Gradisil news is that it was shortlisted for the 2007 Arthur C Clarke Award.  Which was nice.

 Didn't win.  But still.

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