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By Adam Roberts | June 11, 2007
Categories: Blogging

Those children are about to be eaten, you know

As a coda to my catch-up posts, and a prelude to some proper Book-and-Story-related posting over the coming months, I thought I'd say a little something about my blogging. There are two things to say here.

One is that I continue to contribute to the group-blog The Valve. If you go there right now you'll see a post about Sir Isumbras, crossing the ford, that has a little to say about Millais' spendid picture (above) and more to say about a medieval poem on the same subject. Though it sometimes gets a little crispy in the comments threads, The Valve is a first-rate and top-of-the-notch organ for a wide range of interesting posts. Here's what I do: about once a week--this last term, on account of my timetabling, it tended to be the Thursday or Friday of the week; over this summer it'll probably be earlier in the week--I'll put up a post on anything that takes my fancy, usually literary.

Now, in addition to that blog, I started three personal blogs sometime last year. You can see them over there on the right, listed in the sidebar as 'Other Roberts blogs' above the blogroll.

In the beginning I kept all three of these secret, not because there's anything particularly private in any of them, but because I was intrigued by the idea of something so very well hidden (perfectly unlocatable in the first month or so) in such very plain sight (visible to anybody in the entire world, provided only they were online and knew where to look ...) For about a month these blogs were invisible even to Argus-eyed google. Fine. Then little bits and pieces of them started--how, I know not--to show up on certain kinds of google search. Then various people found them, linked to them even. Nobody reads them, of course, and why should they? But that doesn't bother me: the long near-unbroken string of 'no comments' subtitles has a pure, unsullied look to me, and being unread stops me getting self-conscious about what I write. But the time has probably past when there's any merit in keeping them secret anymore. So, such as they are, here they be:

Europrogocontestovision is a blog of pretentious apothegms, vatic statements, general prog-ness and occasional, but not very well-written, poetry. Good for a writer to have an outlet for all that sort of stuff, I feel, and this is mine. It is updated daily.

Rambling Ad Rumpo is me rambling on, online-diary style. I trust the name of it doesn't need explaining to anybody. This blog is updated, give or take, weekly.

Punkadiddle is a blog of bits and pieces and orts and scraps of writing, writing-related stuff and some pictures. It is updated if and when. Which is not all that often, in fact.

So, the picture at the top there: three figures on the horse (a big pompously-dressed one, an alarmed-looking smaller one, and a tiny one clinging on just-about). The horse is the internet itself. The three figures are my blogs. The visual analogy is strained. The horse is too big. The ford looks shallow enough to walk across without needing a brobdingnagian horse to carry you anyway.

And that is probably enough about blogging for now.

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