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Conceptual Breakthrough

By Adam Roberts | November 21, 2007
Categories: Book News


Not my book, this one: but a book written by Simon King and James Holden. I only wrote the afterword here; the meat of this work is two fascinating, detailed and original examples of science fiction criticism by King and Holden.

Star, by James Holden
Dr. Holden wants to show how the protagonists in SF texts never really make it to the stars. Along the way, he finds himself distracted by Derrida, Descartes, Patrick Moore, modernism, and much else besides.

Alien, by Simon King
Dr. King is on a hunt; hes hunting aliens. On the hunt he meets with Japanese cyborgs and medieval monsters, strange gods and the creatures of the deep but will he find any aliens? Indeed, are there any to find?

My afterword adds little, to be honest, to these literary-critical riches; although it does include two never-before-seen, unavailable-elsewhere short stories (short shorts, you see), one of which--I shan't tell you which one--is the best short story I've ever written. The amazon page for the book is here; and the publisher's site, Inkerman Press, here. Why not buy a copy? Can you give me one good reason? No, you can't.

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