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Oz on Swiftly

By Adam Roberts | July 11, 2008
Categories: Book News

These just in from down. In from down under, I mean. What does the Melbourne Herald Sun think?

Roberts's well thought out, if rather bizarre, tale of illicit love, war and plague, is a dystopian vision in the tradition of Swift. [Robin Moyle, 21/06/2008]

Well, fair enough. Can't argue with that. And what about the West Australian?

Adam Roberts has written about a wonderfully bizarre world of Lilliputians who labour in the sweatshops of the British Empire, making miniature masterpieces. But the dastardly French are bringing Brobdingnagian giants to invade England, and the game's afoot. Roberts has created a masterpiece of steampunk, where Babbage's Engine churns out computations and humanity is in a dilemma. It's superb writing with a boundless sense of adventure. Swiftly should be on every bookshelf. [Ian Nichols; 05/07/2008]

Blimey! It occurs to me that the West Australian is an unusually excellent newspaper, and Ian Nichols a man of exceptional critical acumen.

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