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New Scientist riffs on Riffing on Strings

By Adam Roberts | July 18, 2008
Categories: Book News

The latest New Scientist [19 July 08] includes a summer-hols-oriented 'Books to Travel With' review-section, which rounds off with Amanda Gefter's full-page review of Riffing on Strings. Very positive too ("an eclectic, thought-provoking and entertaining collection of writing - perfect for toting along on travels in other dimensions"), including a mention for my story:

When it comes to string theory, people love it or hate it. Some writers draw on the beauty of the theory, others the absurdity. In 'S-Bomb', Adam Roberts imagines a world haunted by the string-theory version of an atomic bomb, a weapon capable of unravelling the fabric of reality.

Given that the paragraph goes on to mention Jarvis Slacks' 'Like Marriage' ('...despite the bizarre premise, it becomes clear...'), and the following paragraph begins 'Some pieces are amusingly snide', I wonder whether this carefully neutral account of the story is implicitly saying that I draw 'on the beauty of the theory'. Hmm. Anyway, very good; and the book is still available to buy for a mere 12, you know.

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