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The Romanian wolf speaks

By Adam Roberts | June 3, 2009
Categories: Book News

Mihai Adascalitei, who runs the blog Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews, has reviewed YBT. I'm chuffed he likes the book as much as he does, and particularly pleased that he found the representation of life under a Communist regime to be so realistic (given that he is someone with first hand experience of what such life was like):

the first thing that struck me while I read Adam Roberts’ “Yellow Blue Tibia” is how realistic is described the Communism times of that period. Well, there are small differences with what happened in my country, but the general line is quite the same. Adam Roberts builds an atmosphere close to reality and often throughout the reading “Yellow Blue Tibia” feels like a historical fiction or an alternative history. Although the novel has strong Science Fiction elements and a Sci-Fi plot and it would seem that these are lost in the story they are lingering in the background until the second half of the novel when they’ll come forth in full. I also absolutely loved the humor of “Yellow Blue Tibia”. Throughout the novel Adam Roberts creates amusing scenes, each one brightening my day and ripping a burst of laugh from me. Besides the amusing scenes there are dialogues that are delicious to read and savor and I find the dialogues between the main character, Konstantin Andreiovich Skvorecki, and the taxi driver Saltykov to be the cherry on the cake ... “Yellow Blue Tibia” is one novel I wished it didn’t end

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