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Catch-up 2: Sideways

By Adam Roberts | August 10, 2009
Categories: Awards

I was, as I reported, chuffed to have been nominated for the Sideways award; but I did not expect to win it. The reason for this was that the shortlist contained two books that were, I thought, clearly better than mine: Terry Pratchett's Nation and Jo Walton's Half a Crown. I genuinely expected one of them to win. But then real-life tossed off what I believe is known as a curve ball: Chris Roberson's nice-but-mediocre, very much not the best book on the list took the prize. Gosh! Still, there's something nice about this amazon reader's review in retrospect:

The book is consistently okay, and the author makes a good attempt at character development, but the problem is he attempts to tell the story of all nine characters and move the plot along, it's just too much for one book so everything feels too quick. There's more pages spent discussing the trip to their objective, or more correctly discussing the personal histories of the various characters, than there is in their training or the mission itself ... In any event, it's not a bad read, but it's not going to win any awards.

Wrong! Funny old world, ain't it, though?

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