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By Adam Roberts | September 25, 2009
Categories: Awards, Chitchat

And by way of following up the previous post, here's something I wrote for the Guardian Book Blog on that very subject. Let the record show: the final portion of the last sentence of the first paragraph read, when I submitted it: ' reaction was compounded of one part vainglorious ego-puff, one part genuine pride and three parts fanboy squee.' Some dastardly subeditor changed the last word to the dull 'enthusiasm' without consulting me. Grr, I say. Also all my italics seem to have been stripped out. Ah well.

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One Response to “Guardian Book Blog”

  1. Nic Dunlop Says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    I really enjoyed this piece Adam (subediting annoyances notwithstanding). You make a strong case for dismantling, or at least questioning, the false distinction between the putative 'legitimacy' of historical fiction and the 'marginality' of SF, particularly since, as you point out, they have quite a bit in common. I may be wrong here, but don't both Jameson (drawing on Lukacs) and (I think) Edward James in his SF in the 20th C. say something similar about the overlap between the problems posed by SF and historical novels?