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A Note on Cheryl Morgan

By Adam Roberts | January 2, 2010
Categories: Reviews

Back in the days when she ran Emerald City Cheryl Morgan read and reviewed some of my writing. She didn't like it, for a number of perfectly valid reasons, which is, of course, fair enough. The thing is: for many readers that would have drawn the line under any further encounter with what I do. There's no shortage of books published, after all, and enough great writers (certainly better than I) continue to produce the sort of thing she does like to mean that she could easily have decided never to trouble herself with one of my books again. So when I met Cheryl at Finncon last year, and she told me that she had read and enjoyed Yellow Blue Tibia, I was very pleasantly surprised indeed: not just that she liked the book, but to discover that she was not to sort of reader to deal in rigid categories of 'I only like X' and 'I don't and never shall like Y'. There are plenty, in and out of genre, who think that way, but -- evidently -- not her. Since then, and given that I went on to say a number of disobliging things about 2009's Hugo shortlists (Cheryl, quite apart from winning Hugos herself, is an important figure in many SFF cons, Worldcon not least), I would have forgiven her had she chosen to keep her positive opinion of my novel to herself. But that would be to underestimate her. The following paragraph was part of her summing up of the best of 2009:

Kim Stanley Robinson caused a bit of a stir this year when he wrote in The Guardian that he thought the Booker Prize should have been won by Adam Robertsí Yellow Blue Tibia. ďAdam who?Ē said the literati in unison, though they forgot so quickly that when the BBC caught up with the story they managed to mention the book without mentioning poor Adamís name. Iím not sure that it is quite a Booker winner, but it is by far the best thing Adam has ever done. Just remember that heís a British satirist, and such people earn their living by mercilessly pillorying others.

Now go and read her blog.

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