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Clarke result

By Adam Roberts | May 4, 2010
Categories: Awards

... and the winner was: Miéville's The City and the City, as if you didn't know. Ah well: it's a superb novel.

The ceremony was as it always is: good to see lots of people there, meet old friends and put faces to a couple of internet names. Stephen Hunt reports that Sean Pertwee was there:

The actor Sean Pertwee – aka Mutant Chronicles, Doomsday, Equilibrium, Dog Soldiers, and the upcoming The 4th Reich – was sitting directly in front of me, close to China Miéville on the left of the cinema auditorium during the ceremony. I suspect he was there as part of the SCIFI London Film Festival, the kind hosts of the Clarke awards for the last three years ... As the thanks to the organisations supplying the judges were made, Tom Hunter, head awards honcho, gets through thanking the SF Foundation and the BSFA, it comes to’s turn and said web site’s ace judge Paul Skevington, then Sean Pertwee leans forward to his mate and I am fairly sure he whispered, ‘Who the £$%£ are SFcrowsnest?’

As it happens, I was sat next to China at this point in the proceedings, and beside Pertwee's mate (whom I did not recognise and whose name I don't know) and Pertwee himself. I suspect they were there as friends of Marcel Theroux, who was sitting in the row in front. I suspect this because, as a slide flashed on the enormous screen showing all six shortlised novels, Sean Pertwee's mate leant over to me (a man he didn't know from Adam, if you'll pardon the phrase) and whispered loudly in my ear: 'Far North's a genius novel. All those others, though, are shit.' I murmured something noncommitally agreeable, and the ceremony moved on.

What Stephen doesn't mention is that at one point John Landis, I'm almost certain it was, poked his head over the divide separating the exit from the auditorium, and that Pertwee and his mate both waved excitedly to him.

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One Response to “Clarke result”

  1. shenoy Says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    "ah well." that's a nice way to put it :) TC&TC it is a darned good read. earlier on this site, i did say it's gonna be you or mieville and had hoped for a tie. hedging my bets perhaps, but i was half right. though i wish i was not half wrong. ah well.