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Dragon with Girl Tattoo

By Adam Roberts | June 20, 2011
Categories: Reviews

David Pitt, evidently a man of critical discernment, reviewing books in in the Canadian Chronicle Herald:

And, just for the heck of it, you should also check out Adam Roberts’ The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo (Gollancz), a wickedly funny parody of the first Millennium novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It follows the events of Larsson’s book pretty closely: Hellfire Vagner disappeared three centuries ago, journalist Kaal Brimston is hired to find out what happened to her, and Lizbreath Salamander ultimately solves the mystery. Larsson’s dark, complex novel is an almost obligatory target for parody, but Roberts, who also wrote the hysterical The Va Dinci Cod (a spoof of The Da Vinci Code), shows a lot of respect for the source material. Sure, he makes fun of it, but he also clearly understands what Larsson was doing, and, on its own terms, this parody is as layered and surprising as the original.


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