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Chet for the win

By Adam Roberts | September 18, 2012
Categories: Book News

Yesterday's rather vulgarly pluggy post went against the grain, rather, if I'm honest. I'll be a touch more circumspect today in this, another post catching up on stuff of mine that has appeared over the summer. The first thing is to direct you to the site of the excellent Pandemonium press, run by good people, and with its heart in the right place ('Pandemonium books are released as both limited editions and ebooks, with a portion of all proceeds from our sales going towards charitable causes'). The next thing is to point you in the direction of their Novelettes (scroll down). There I am!

I wrote a story about a trip to the moon, a lunar adventure, an encounter with strange aliens (all that). Then I bethought me of the good old days when my novels were called things like Salt, On, W and !. Now there was a naming convention! Accordingly I named my new novelette An account of a voyage from World to World again, by way of the Moon, 1726, in the Commission of Georgius Rex Primus, Monarch of Northern Europe and Lord of Selenic Territories, Defender of the Faith. Undertaken by Captain Wm. Chetwin aboard the Cometes Georgius. I think this might catch on, as a new novel-naming convention.

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