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Resurrection Engines

By Adam Roberts | November 9, 2012
Categories: Book News

Snowbooks say this was published on the 1st Nov, but a little bird tells me the issue date has been moved to the 1st December. Soon, though! Also, the 'sixteen' tales you can see on the other end of that publisher's site link has been distilled down to a more focussed fifteen, as you can see above. Buy, or preorder, from amazon, or direct from the publishers. Or would you prefer it that your engines do NOT resurrect? That'd be harsh. Here's the TOC, since you ask so nicely:

'The Soul-Eaters of Raveloe' by Alison Littlewood
'A Journey To The Centre Of The Moon' by Alan K. Baker
'She-Who-Thinks-For-Herself' by Juliet E. McKenna
'The Great Steam Time Machine' by Brian Herbert & Bruce Taylor
'Silver Selene' by Philip Palmer
'White Fangoria' by Roland Moore
'The God Of All Machines' by Scott Harrison
'The Crime Of The Ancient Mariner' by Adam Roberts
'There Leviathan' by Jonathan Green
'The Island Of Peter Pandora' by Kim Lakin-Smith
'The Ghost Of Christmas Sideways' by Simon Bucher-Jones
'Talented Witches' by Paul Magrs
'Fairest Of Them All' by Cavan Scott
'Tidewrack Medusa' by Rachel E. Pollock
'Robin Hood And The Eater Of Worlds' by Jim Mortimore

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