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News for January: BSFA Award Nom! Kitschies Nom! Nom-nom!

By Adam Roberts | January 30, 2013
Categories: Awards

I'm always a bit leery of posting website material during pre-awards season, for fear of seeming appearing to pimp my stuff, but there has been news.

First, I am delighted and pleased and indeed stunnedelighted that Jack Glass has been shortlisted in the BSFA Award Best Novel category. The winners will be announced at EightSquared, the 2013 Eastercon, Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford this Easter; I'm genuinely sorry that I won't be able to be there to congratulate Mike Harrison in person, but Steve Baxter has kindly agreed to stand-in for me in the unlikely event that my novel etc etc.

Secondly: the same day I was staggerghasted to discover that Jack Glass has also been shortlisted for the Kitschies Red Tentacle. The winner of this will be announced on Tuesday, 26 February at the Free Word Centre, London; and I hope to be there.

This double honour has genuinely delighted me.


PS: On the subject of self-promotion versus awards-pimpage, this is what I tweeted a week or so back on the matter:

[1] re: awards pimpage, and to be clear: I have no problem with self-promotion, as anyone who follows my twitter feed will know.

[2] Self promotion is about making people aware of your books. Awards pimpage is something else: it's about trying to win yourself awards.

[3] The downside of self-promotion is that it may annoy people. The downside of awards pimpage is that it corrupts awards themselves ...

[4] ... turning them into prizes for Most Effective Self Promotion, rather than prizes for the best book. That hurts everybody.

I'm a bit stuck with this self-defeating Christopher-Tietjens-esque attitude that awards should be given to the best book/story/whatever, rather than to the Most Effective Self-Promoter. It's a hopeless struggle, I accept: but there you go.

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