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Strahan (ed), Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Vol. 7

By Adam Roberts | April 16, 2013
Categories: Book News

My contributor copy of this handsome volume, edited by Jonathan Strahan, came through the post today. Some excellent stories therein, but also my own 'What Did Tessimond Tell You?' Actually I'm pretty proud of this tale: formally traditional, but with some (I think) nice touches. It first appeared in Ian Whates' Solaris 1.2.

If it were possible, I'd like to publish 'What Did Tessimond Tell You?' in a forking, dual format. It's a story divided (traditional Shakespearian structure, see) into five parts. In the fifth part you the reader discovers the answer to the question posed by the tale's title. But I'm not sure that the story doesn't work better if you stop reading at the end of part 4. So: my ideal format would lay these facts before the reader and ask her to choose: do you want to read 1-4, or all 5? Then the e-book would lock you into your choice. Strahan's conventional book doesn't give you that option -- but that's not to say you shouldn't buy a copy. You so should!

Here is the Nightshade Books website page for the vol, with purchase links for North Americans. Here's an link for Brits -- best I can do.

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One Response to “Strahan (ed), Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Vol. 7”

  1. Baruch Says:
    November 10th, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Very interesting story. I don't have the physics background to contest the theory. It makes a kind of sense, one that would allow one to say "obviously".

    I did a web search on the following: universe "rate of expansion" "temporal black hole". There was only one hit, another story: "swimmers in the sea of time - Planetary Stories".

    So, either you have seen and said something that is so obvious that no one else has picked up on it yet, or it's all a convincing myth. I guess time will tell:)

    Thank you for a well written and thought provoking story.