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The Times Cheltenham Literary Festival 2013

By Adam Roberts | September 25, 2013
Categories: Events and Appearances

I'm doing two things at this this year's Cheltenham Festival. On Friday 4th October (at 4pm, in the Studio, Imperial Square) I'm on the 'Re-Wired: Memory in the Digital Age' panel:

Join us to explore the impact of the Internet, digital technology and social media on human memory. From Google and GPS to lifelogging services, we are outsourcing more and more cognitive faculties. But are we really becoming shallower, lazier, more stupid? Join novelist Adam Roberts (New Model Army), Stacey Pitsillides (Digital Death), Wendy Moncur (LivingDigital, University of Dundee) and James Smyth (The Machine) to debate one of the most important issues facing us in the 21st Century.

Not sure why they've confiscated the terminal 'e' on James's surname, there. Maybe it's something to do with Cheltenham Council Health and Safety. No matter. Then the following day (Saturday the 5th) I'm doing this splendid-looking Tolkien panel, with the brilliant Brian Sibley, the marvellous Jane Johnson and thinking fantasy-reader's crumpet Joe Abercrombie:

Lord of the Rings regularly tops lists of the best books of all time, and is loved worldwide. But what makes it so special? Former Tolkien publisher Jane Johnson, and as Jude Fisher the writer of the visual companions to Peter Jackson’s films, is joined by author of The First Law trilogy Joe Abercrombie; by Brian Sibley, author of The Lord of the Rings film guides and co-adapter of the classic BBC Radio 4 serialisation, and by Adam Roberts, who’s homage to Tolkien, The Soddit was published last year.

So: the Soddit is ten years old now, give or take. And that should be 'whose', not 'who's'. But whose counting? I mean 'who's'?

It would be very nice to see you there. But if you don't come, I won't cry. I'll understand. I won't cry on the outside, at any rate.

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