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Today’s the Day …

By Adam Roberts | December 17, 2015
Categories: Book News


... my new novel, The Thing Itself, is released. You can buy it here, if you want to (here's a US equivalent of the same online bookseller).

But maybe you're not sure if you do want to buy? I can't blame you for that. Perhaps a review would help? Here, published today, on publication day no less, is Niall Alexander's review. What does he think? Well, he ends thuswise:

I never imagined I’d find myself so readily recommending a novel “about why you should believe in God,” but by the end of The Thing Itself, Roberts—an atheist, according to the Acknowledgements—has so perfectly framed his case that I—another non-believer, I fear—came away from it with my spiritual convictions variously shaken. No phrase of the praise I would happily heap upon the remarkable achievement this tremendous text represents could outstrip that there statement, so let’s call it a day, eh? Except to say that though The Thing Itself is many things, all of the things The Thing Itself is are evidence of Adam Roberts’ inimitable brilliance.

So there you have it.

And the other SFnal thing, less itself, that is happening today? We're off to see that tomorrow, as it happens.

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