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What I Did in 2015

By Adam Roberts | December 31, 2015
Categories: Chitchat

Three things, predominantly. Fiction, twice:


Quite taupe, that image, though: isn't it? On the left is my latest collection of short fiction, Saint Rebor (Newcon Press), which contains my two best short stories ('What Did Tessimond Tell You?' and 'Trademark Bugs') along with ten others of varying quality. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can download this collection for free, it seems; if not it'll set you back £2.99 for the eBook and rather more for the 'collectable' hard-copy.

On the right is The Thing Itself, which came out on the 17th Dec and which I've been plugging earnestly ever since, even unto the point of starting to annoy people, I don't doubt. So I won't go on about it again, here. Beyond, that is, noting that it's £8.99 in paperback at the moment. Scroll back through the last few posts on this very website for reviews links etc. It's probably my best novel, though.

Non-fiction, once:


Collected reviews, with a lengthy all-new intro on the state of the genre in 2014. Same deal with Kindle Unlimited customers, it seems; a little pricier for those who might wish actually to buy the book.

What else? Well, there was a US edition of Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea and a Chinese edition of Jack Glass; I had a story in Penelope Lewis and Ra Page's anthology of original fiction Spindles ('Raveled Sleeve of Care'); and I contributed a story to Rebecca Levene and Lavie Tidhar's Jews Versus Zombies volume. And in December SFX profiled me, with a full-size image of me hanging out with a couple of Ent friends.


So that was my 2015. What of next year? Well, one thing sure to happen is the second edition (very greatly revised and expanded) of my Palgrave History of Science Fiction will be published. Beyond that, plans are more or less fluid. Fluid can be good, though. It depends on the fluid.

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