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Jurassic London: Brown Bread

By Adam Roberts | September 1, 2016
Categories: Book News


That most excellent press 'Jurassic London' have decided to call it a day. They are issuing one last anthology (including a story by me, but a great many better stories by other, greatly better writers too) which they are calling The Extinction Event: 'our final anthology,' they say, 'a celebration of five great years, and a hearty thank you! to all the authors, artists, partners and readers that made Jurassic London possible.' You can buy one of the few copies of this valuable artefact on their website where they say: 'The Extinction Event will be published on 20 October, and only as a slipcased hardcover, limited to 150 numbered copies. It comes complete with black and white illustrations, colour endpapers, a snazzy ribbon bookmark and everything else we could possibly throw into it. This will be the only edition. Once they're gone... they're gone.' Snap 'em up, I would.

There's also a launch, on the 20th October, which I'm going to make every effort to get to if I possibly can, and where books will be signed, and costumes worn, and fun will be had. Sad, but glad. If you see what I mean.

There's also a facebook page, if you're into that sort of thing.

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