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Alan Jacobs on “Real-Town”

By Adam Roberts | August 26, 2017
Categories: Reviews

As he notes in this detailed, generous and (of course you'd expect me to say so) perceptive essay on Real-Town Murders, Alan is a friend of mine. You may, accordingly, want to take his praise with a pinch of salt. Value judgement aside, it seems to me that he's basically right about my perversity, and I am certainly fascinated by a particular—I would say—sweet spot where pulp's kinetic verve meets the sorts of halting disintegration of language that characterise actual human discourse, that latter taste at least as old as my PhD work on Robert Browning, a poet of whom Lionel Trilling rightly said 'he was interested less in speech and more in the obstacles to speech'. But I can neither complain nor act surprised when I discover that other people don't feel the same way. Besides which, the Author Is Dead, and I'm an author, so my opinion shouldn't sway you. That said, I'm still alive enough to be genuinely grateful for Alan's kindness and frankly a little abashed by his high opinion.

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