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Maxim Jakubowski on “Real-Town Murders”

By Adam Roberts | September 20, 2017
Categories: Reviews

This is a first for me, I think: one of my novels reviewed by the eminent crime-fiction reviewer Maxim Jakubowski at a crime fiction site Crime Time. Here's what he thinks:

Adam Roberts/THE REAL-TOWN MURDERS (Gollancz) Roberts is one of the prominent SF author of ideas (alongside another Brit, Ian Watson) and this locked room impossible mystery set in the almost future in which a body is found in the boot of a car inside a fully-automated factory where every inch is constantly under the scrutiny of CCTV, is a wonderful example of his craft and intelligence in full deployment. Alma is a private detective assigned to the case in a near future world where most of the population are in the grip of an addiction to the Shine, a web-based alternate reality in which people prefer to live, seeing that most jobs are now superfluous as computers and machines take on all of the burden. Alma has an ill partner at home in need of regular gene therapy which only Alma can provide, which badly limits her time and the distance she can put between herself, her erstwhile lover Marguerite and the actual case, which makes the fast-paced action an ersatz Hitchcockian race against time, which leaves one a tad breathless. A wonderful variation on one of my favourite crime fiction sub-genres. Gripping and ingenious.

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