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Interzone 272 (Sep-Oct 2017) Interview: Jo Walton

By Adam Roberts | November 3, 2017
Categories: Lit Crit, Reviews

Not that Jo Walton, though a very insightful and estimable Jo Walton nonetheless. His brief was to ask me a few questions about Real-Town, with a view to filling a page of Interzone. In the end we chatted, back and forth via email, until we had a 10,000 word dialogue. We both, I think, expected the magazine to request we trim this down to a tenth of its size, if you please, but hugely to their credit (I think) they ended up printing the whole thing, over 9 whole pages. Bravo, them!

... and so on. I won't reproduce the whole thing, or you'd have no incentive actually to buy a copy of Interzone 272. And you really should buy a copy: it's an all-round excellent magazine.

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