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Adam Roberts is the author of a growing number of science fiction novels, short stories, essays and other writings. This site contains not just his blog, but everything you could ever want to know about everything Adam has ever published. And more...

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I was born two thirds of the way through the last century, in London, England. I was educated at a rundown state school in Kent, and the ancient University of Aberdeen, where I graduated with a degree in English and Classics. After this I studied for a PhD at Cambridge, the subject of which had to do with both Robert Browning and the Classics. I presently work for Royal Holloway, University of London teaching English Lit and Creative Writing. I live to the west of London with my wife Rachel and our children.

If you would like to get in touch for any reason, please feel free to use the contact page of this website.

This is what we all look like:

Robertses by Lily

That's us, drawn by the one on the left. It's a good likeness of her, actually; and of Rachel. But, to speak frankly, it's not a representation of me that achieves what you'd call photographic verisimilitude. I hate to be critical, but it just isn't a good likeness. I don't (just as a for-instance) have a Hitler Moustache. Nor have I contemplated growing one. Nor can I float three feet off the ground -- I only wish that I could. But apart from that...

As to the mysterious writing in the sky: I'll leave that to the myriad fans of Dan Brown's next novel to decode all that. I havn't a clue; but I'm confident that somebody suitably skilled in cryptography will be able to wrest meaning from its mystery.

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