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Adam Roberts is the author of a growing number of science fiction novels, short stories, essays and other writings. This site contains not just his blog, but everything you could ever want to know about everything Adam has ever published. And more...

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If you're looking for more information on the novels, novellas, short fiction collections, non-fiction collections and parodies written over the years by Adam Roberts, the you've definitely come to the right place.

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Short Fiction

An on-going project of mine is to write a short story for every sub-genre and premise that SF has made famous; to assemble a collection in which I can try my hand at all the hackneyed old conventions. There seems less point in writing a time-travel novel, for example, given the huge number of such novels that have already been written, with severely diminishing returns, since H G Wells. But the short story form is ideally suited to playing around with these conventions without becoming dull. I'm planning stories to flesh out the following standard tropes.

I would appreciate feedback on the categories, particularly pointing out which famous tropes I have inadvertently missed off the list. An asterisk indicates that I have already written the story for that particular category.

1. Time-travel story.*
2. First encounter with alien life.*
3. Novum story (new piece of technology).*
4. Interplanetary/interstellar travel story.*
5. Robot story.*
6. Virtual Reality story.
7. 'Philosophical' story.*
8. Post nuclear war mutation story.*
9. Scientist story.*
10. Alternative History.*
11. Magic Realism.*
12. Utopia/Dystopia.
13. Sword and Sorcery.*
14. Thundering good old-fashioned space opera story.*
15. The End of the World.*

Academic Career

I am Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature in the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London. You can check out the university website here.

I teach courses in two main areas. The first is nineteenth-century literature, especially poetry; my PhD was on Browning and the Classics, and I offer courses on Romantic Poetry, Theories of Laughter, Tragedy, and nineteenth-century literature. I'm also the Acting Course Director for the MA in Victorian Media and Culture, where I teach courses on Victorian London, and Nineteenth-century fiction.

The Victorian MA has its own course blog, should you be interested.

The second is Creative Writing, where I'm part of the team of teachers who run and teach the Undergraduate CW programme: my colleagues, all excellent writers, are Dell Olsen, Doug Cowie, Ben Markovits, Suzanna Jones and Professor Dan Rebellato. You can find out more about that programme here.

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