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The McAtrix Derided, by the Robertski Brothers

Published By:
Gollancz, UK [2004]
6.99 Hb / 5.99 Pb
0575075686 / 0575076674
978-0575075689 / 978-0575076679
Buy from:

There has never been a massive blockbusting SF actioner quite so po-faced as The Matrix. With a lead actor who can barely say 'Neatcher' let alone spell it, The Matrix and its confused sequels have nevertheless spawned an immense following.

The McAtrix Derided takes the themes of twisted realities, paranoia and godhead, the imagery of spoons, dark glasses and impractical long coats and the terror of slow moving bullets and iron octopoid-spidery robot thingys and give them a damn good parodying.


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