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The Sellamillion, by A.R.R.R. Roberts

Published By:
Gollancz, UK [2004]
6.99 Hb / 5.99 Pb
0575076119 / 0575077077
978-0575076112 / 978-0575077072
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The Sellamillion is NOT a parody of Tolkien's The Silmarillion. That would be pointless because although all Tolkien fans have a copy, only three of them have read past page 40.

It is, however, a parody of all that Tolkien created as he worked on The Lord of the Rings. The history of the elderly days. Early missing drafts of The Lord of the Rings. A correspondence between the author and publisher on whether it should be a Bellybutton Stud of Doom rather than a Ring of Power. An experimental version of The Lord of the Rings as if written by Dr Seuss. That sort of thing...


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